Tokenomics Breakdown

This guide will show you how the MicroPets contract handles transactions to benefit the long term outcome of the project.

After You Make A Purchase Or Sell

When you transact with MicroPets, the contract automatically uses 7% of the transaction to ensure the success of the PETS token. We have decided to break it down for you to show you exactly what happens with that 7% and why there is no need to fear it.

How The 7% Tax Helps To Scale MicroPets

When you buy, sell or trade PETS you’re helping the overall cause by incurring the 7% tax. The MicroPets contract is designed to automatically take 5% PETS and distribute it to the MicroPets Marketing Wallet and most of it is turned into BNB for future staking pools. This dynamic creates a domino effect on the staking rewards, meaning every cycle there will be more BNB/PETS available to earn. The contract has an auto liquidity function that takes 2% (1% PETS and 1% WBNB) and creates a liquidity pair with it. That liquidity pair created is sent to be locked up with the remaining liquidity, creating a higher price floor. Every transaction brings the lowest price possible up, meaning if you were to hold for long enough, the price of the tokens you hold may never again reach the price they were when you bought them.