Evolving Your Pets

This guide will walk you through how to evolve a Pet and feed it a booster in the MicroPets Dapp.

Evolve Your Pet

Evolving a pet allows you to be able to earn BNB as a staking reward instead of PETS tokens, as well as reinvesting that BNB into PETS tax free. Follow the steps below to evolve your Pet.
You'll notice that in order to evolve 1 Adult Pet, you must "burn" an Adult Pet of equal or greater rarity. You could either get a duplicate by opening up more crates, or you could use the MicroPets Marketplace to buy the exact Pet you need. Once you have the Pet you need, follow the steps below to begin the evolution process.

How To Acquire And Feed Your Evolving Pet A Booster

Boosters allow you to cut the incubation time in half. Follow the steps below to acquire a booster from the shop and apply it.

Like Time Traveling But Better! Below You’ll See The Difference

Simple as that, you will now have an Evolved Pet when the timer is up! When your pet is done evolving and you stake it, you'll now find that Pet in the BNB staking pool. The next tutorial will show you how to buy a Pet from the Marketplace.