Preparing MetaMask to Trade For PETS

This guide will walk you through setting up your MetaMask browser and acquiring PETS tokens.

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MetaMask is equipped with a browser that you can use to connect to all sorts of decentralized applications, including Pancake Swap and the official MicroPets Dapp. follow the next steps to add Pancake Swap to your browser.

In the browser search “”

IMPORTANT: Make absolutely sure that you've spelled
correctly and that you're visiting the real site and not a scam copy. They do exist, and
one misspelling could cost you everything.

When using the browser in the MetaMask wallet, you’ll always choose the option “MetaMask” to connect your wallet. This goes for all Dapps.

This is the path you’ll follow every time you want to add a new Dapp to your favorites. This step might not seem important, however it’s extremely important to make sure you’re visiting the correct site and not a scam version.
They do exist and one mistake could cost you everything.
Now you'll add the Official MicroPets Dapp to your favorites. Search “” and follow the steps above to add it to your favorites. Now for the fun part, lets buy some PETS tokens!