How to Acquire BNB

This guide will walk you through how to fund your MetaMask Wallet with BNB using several exchanges. & (Easiest) is likely a great starting place for you, but is another option you can consider. and both have BNB, which is the token you need to acquire to buy MicroPets. You'll want to ensure your MetaMask wallet is set up to receive BEP-20 (Smart Chain) tokens and then you'll simply perform the transfer.
Simply create an account, fund it from your bank account, then trade your USD for BNB. After acquiring BNB, you'll do a withdraw to the BEP-20 network.
If the wallet address you're transferring to begins with "bnb" you're on the BEP-2 network instead of the BEP-20 network, which wallet addresses begin with 0x....
Keep in mind that has a 24 hour holding period before transfer and has a 10 day holding period. This is to prevent fraud.

Get BNB Using Coinbase & KuCoin Exchange

Download Coinbase and KuCoin onto your device by searching for them in the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can use the links below to take you there. If you already have both, you can skip to the next section.
Focus on setting up a Coinbase account first, following all the steps necessary to verify your information. This is important first step as you’ll need Coinbase to purchase XLM to begin the process. It may take some time for Coinbase to verify your information, but be patient as it doesn’t typically take very long.
When creating your KuCoin account, you will not need to verify your identity to preform trades, deposits, and withdraws. All you’ll need is to create a basic account. This process is much faster than Coinbase and can be done in under an hour.

Now you’ll withdraw your XLM to KuCoin.

For the next step you’ll need your XLM deposit information from KuCoin.

Copy your wallet info and enter it like shown below.

After a few minutes the XLM will arrive in your KuCoin. Now we’ll turn the XLM into BNB, starting with transferring it to your trading account.

Now its time to do some trading. Follow the steps below to turn your XLM into BTC.

Now youll trade your BTC for BNB. Follow the steps below to swap for BNB.

Now you have BNB! Simple as that, now move it from your Trading account to your Main account to prepare it for withdraw.

Now fetch your wallet info from your MetaMask and enter it like shown below.

That’s it! You now have the BNB you need to exchange for MicroPets Tokens.

Now that you’ve acquired Smart Chain BNB, let’s explore the MetaMask browser, set up your Dapps, and get you on your way to being a proud MicroPets owner!