Buy MicroPets Tokens

This guide will walk you through swapping BNB for MicroPets in Pancake Swap.

Starting from the MetaMask Browser, navigate to Pancake Swap

Adding MicroPets

In order to swap for MicroPets you'll need to add the token in the swap. Follow the direction, paste the PETS contract address in the search, and select PETS.

Preparing the Swap

Follow the guide below to properly set up the swap for PETS tokens. This process will ensure your transaction has the highest possible chance of succeeding.

Why Isn't Pancake Swap Using All My BNB?

You'll notice in the image above that after using MAX Pancake Swap didn't use all the BNB available. This is because Pancake Swap automatically saves back the BNB you'll need for future transaction fees. (selling, transfers, etc.)

Why Add The Decimal?

Adding the decimal allows the contract to correctly read the amount of tokens you're receiving. In some cases it can even lower the slippage needed.

Confirming the transaction was a success

When completing the transaction you'll see a transaction receipt pop up. Exit that and tap the setting wheel. This will pop up a menu and allow you to view your swap. A green checkmark means it was successful, a red X means there was an issue with the transaction.

That's it! You now own MicroPets Tokens!

Now that you own PETS tokens, you can utilize the MicroPets Dapp to buy Binance Chains cutest NFTs and use them to make passive income.