Level Up & Rank Up

This guide will walk you through how to level up and rank out your Pets.

Level Up Your Pets

Leveling up your Pets allows you to raise its rarity. The significance of a level up is that the Pet you’ll end up with will have a higher staking multiplier. Higher multiplier, higher staking rewards. Follow the steps below to level up a Pet.

First, Choose The Pet You’d Like To Recieve

Notice that in order to level up a pet you need to combine 2 pets of the same rarity. This requirement changes as the pet you’re aiming for becomes rarer.

Ranking Up Your Pets

The rank up option in the Dapp allows you to turn Baby Pets into Adult Pets by combining 10 of the same rarity Babies. Same as when you’re leveling up, the higher the rank of the Adult Pet you’re trying to rank up to, the higher the rank your 10 Baby Pets will need to be.