Creating a Digital Wallet

This guide will walk you through how to create and set up a MetaMask Wallet.

Downloading MetaMask

In order to hold digital currency you'll need a digital wallet to hold it in. One of the most popular digital wallets is MetaMask Wallet. Follow the link to your App Store (Apple/Android) and download MetaMask Wallet.

Create Your Wallet

After you download the app and open it, your next step is to create your wallet. MetaMask, like all other external wallets, will give you a 12 word phrase. You’ll need to copy these words down and store it in a safe place. It’ll have you confirm after you copy down your words by re-entering them. After you’ve finished that, you'll know you've done it correctly when you see the following.
Your first view of your digital wallet
You will never need to have your 12 word phrase on hand. Lock it or hide it in a safe place. The ONLY time you will ever use it is to access your wallet on a new/different device. NEVER GIVE YOUR PHRASE TO ANYBODY FOR ANY REASON.

Setting Up Your MetaMask Wallet to Maximize Possibilities

The guide below will walk you through setting up your MetaMask Wallet. This includes adding a 1 network and the option to add 5 others.
First we’ll add the Binance Smart Chain Network. To add a new network, follow the path below.
You’ll need to follow this path EACH TIME you add a new network.
Add some networks and get the hang of the process. If you'd like, you can skip the other networks for now and just add Smart Chain. If you encounter an error saving any of the 6 networks below, double check that all the info is entered correctly.
Smart Chain & CRONOS Network
Polygon & Fantom Network
Avalanche & Dai Network

Now that you have the Smart Chain Network added, lets switch to it.

This is how you’ll switch between networks to acquire assets that exist on a different blockchain. Now that you’re connected to the Binance Smart Chain, you’ll notice that you no longer see ETH, instead you’ll see BNB. This is because BNB is the native token on the Binance Smart Chain, and it’s what you’ll need to acquire MicroPets Tokens. The next section will show you several ways of how to acquire BNB to fund your MetaMask Wallet.