"On your way to greatness, you will fall, but like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, you too shall rise again."

MicroPets project officially relaunched on 19th October 2023 with a new $PETS token ca: [0x2466858ab5edad0bb597fe9f008f568b00d25fe3]. Users sent in their old MicroPets tokens in exchange for our new $PETS tokens at a 1:1120 ratio (our total supply reduced, detailed here) to use in our revamped ecosystem. This was announced on September 15th 2023 and migration was open until December 21st!

Why a token relaunch?

After MicroPets token's all-time-high in Nov 2021, the previous team & ceo struggled to find their feet and generate sustainable revenue streams to keep the project going.

On August 9th 2023, MicroPets was handed over to a new team made up of several long-standing community members, led by our new CEO Jessus Zambrano.

The relaunch allowed the new team to gain full control over all areas of the project, including the main $PETS token, all of the project's smart contracts, NFT factory, staking pools, liquidity pool, and more!

We are now in a NEW ERA for MICROPETS!

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