🧑‍🚀First Ever NFTs in Space

Beyond Earth, Beyond Imagination: Launching the Future with the First 3D NFTs in Space!

Mission Name: Ascension Flight

Mission Status: Launched successfully

Payload: 200 Exclusive MicroPets 3D NFTs

Launch Provider: SpaceX

Launch Location: Cape Canaveral, FL

Launch Date: May 25 2022

Ascension Flight NFTs

On May 25 2022 Celestis, Inc. teamed up with MicroPets to launch 200 limited edition 3D animated NFT’s into Earth orbit on the Transporter 5 mission aboard a Falcon 9 Block 5 launch vehicle. This Launch was a dedicated rideshare mission by SpaceX.

Ascension Flight NFT Utilities

By owning an Ascension Flight NFT, you gain access to our exclusive Alpha Telegram Chat plus tons of benefits such as;

  • Early Alpha & Project Updates

  • Exclusive AMA events with the team

  • 250% + Bonus for the Runner Game

  • Early Marketplace Listing Notifications

  • Partner promotions & WL spots

  • Special giveaway events

  • 10% discount code for our Online Store

  • Ascension Flight NFT Holder role in Discord

How do I get one?

All 200 3D NFTs were minted so the only way to get your hands on one is to buy from the Marketplace, if you are lucky enough to find one!

Join the Ascension Alpha Telegram Group

Once you have bagged yourself an Ascension Flight NFT, simply Verify your Holdings in our Discord Channel Here.

Once verified, the 'Ascension Access' channel will the available to you on the left hand side. Join the discord channel and then click the button shown below to join the Telegram Channel and you're all set!

Track the NFTS in Orbit 🚀

The Ascension Flight NFTs are continuously circling the earth in orbit, onboard a satellite! Celestis have been kind enough to provide a live, 24/7 tracking service so that our users can view the exact location of the NFTs in orbit! Pretty neat huh?!

Need Support? Join our Telegram or Discord communities and ask for help.

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