Unlock the Magic - Dive into the Fun of Monthly Draws with our Enchanting Magic Chest!

The Magic Chest introduces an element of excitement and chance. Users with $coins (earned from our Play-to-Earn Runner Game, and our Engage-to-Earn system) can participate in monthly drawings, with winners selected at random. This inclusive approach allows both small and large investors to engage. New items are refreshed after each monthly drawing, ensuring a fresh selection of rewards each and every month!

How does it Work?

Each month, a drawing event is completed with random winners selected. Users who contributed more rewards ($coins) have a higher chance to win, much like a raffle ticket system. This enables both small and large investors to have a chance.

How to Enter:

To be eligible for any Magic Chest tier, users pay a subscription of $3.99 (billed monthly) or $39.90 (billed yearly). This enables us to create a sustainable revenue stream to fund the prize pools without damaging the project.

By paying this subscription, players are able to enter all 3 tiers of the Magic Chest to win some Awesome Prizes, from NFTs, to Merchandise, BNB prizes, Partner Projects NFTs, and much more!


This chest offers a chance to win more valuable prizes such as: 3D NFTs and Partner Prizes! Prizes change every month and include NFTs and other items that can be used in partner projects!


To be eligible for this tier, users must most at least 5 x 2D NFTs. This chest contains epic prizes such as BNB, 3D & 2D NFTs, Merchandise, and much more! This provides great incentive for our investors to mint and hold our valuable 2D NFTs!


To be eligible for this tier, users must most at least 20 x 2D NFTs. This chest contains THREE GRAND PRIZES of 1 BNB each! This is the most valuable prize selection and provides additional incentives for investors to mint our 2D NFTs, and benefits for our most committed players!

Community Engagement

The Magic Chest event acts as a fun and unique way of getting everyone together within the community! It’s also an additional opportunity to further distil information about upcoming things within the MicroPets ecosystem and create more hype.

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