MicroPets Corporation

About MicroPets

MicroPets is a Software Development Company based in Florida, USA. Specializing in both software and blockchain development, MicroPets boasts a comprehensive ecosystem that includes 3D and 2D Digital Assets, our signature token $PETS, DAOs, Real World Assets integration, Gaming solutions, and much more.

Doxxed Owner/CEO & Team

The Owner/CEO of MicroPets is Jessus Zambrano who has many years of experience in business and marketing. He along with the Core Team members have completed full KYC with Cyberscope.io! You can read about the team on our website MicroPets.io/team.

KYC Certificate with Cyberscope.io

To further show his commitment to being transparent and having nothing to hide, our CEO Jessus Zambrano has completed a KYC with Cyberscope.io. This process involved sending identity documents and completing a video interview to confirm his identity.

Meet the Developers

MicroPets is a cutting-edge software development company that continuously delivers top-quality products. We employ a highly skilled in-house development team that has a range of experience. From concept to execution, our in-house developers bring creativity, expertise, and dedication to every project they undertake. With a deep understanding of the latest technologies and trends, they ensure that MicroPets remains at the forefront of the industry.

We also work with a Software Development, IT Security, and Blockchain Solutions company CryptIT, an Austrian company based in Vienna. You can find out more here: Cryptit.at.

Software Development

MicroPets is a leading software development company headquartered in Florida, USA, with a team of skilled developers. Specializing in software and blockchain development, MicroPets offers cutting-edge solutions to meet diverse client needs.

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