🌎PETROPOLIS: Metaverse Expansion

Where Metaverse Meets Furry Friends – Collaborate, Earn, and Unleash the Adventure!

Building the Metaverse

Petropolis will be an immersive Metaverse that houses the entirety of the MicroPets Eco-System. This huge undertaking was promised to the community, and it's our duty to make it a reality!

All of the project assets and utilities will integrate seamlessly, providing users with a play/engage to earn economy that will captivate and reward. Petropolis will be an opportunity to earn while playing and engaging with other community members.

Revenue will be generated for the project through transaction fees from players which will only grow with further adoption.

This following is subject to change:

Petropolis will be an interactive open world MetaVerse game, with resource management and pet care content developed for web as well as for Android and IOS.

The main vision of Petropolis is that players can, through missions, minigames and exchanges, raise and evolve all the pets they have, as well as build and decorate their habitat with the resources generated in the game and give the players that Tamagotchi feeling of having it as your own interactive pet to take care of daily. Through our $PETS token, these customizable islands can be purchased, which, depending on their size and characteristics, can house a greater number of pets, and have different characteristics with which the player can fully enjoy the experience of our game.

Thanks to their various care mechanics, pets will not only be used as a method of exchange or interaction with the environment, they must also be protected and trained so that they can reach their full potential in our big MetaVerse project

The Key to Petropolis

The Key to Petropolis NFT will be detailed in the future, and will act as your pass to Petropolis and all that it will have to offer!

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