Step 7: The Magic Chest

The Magic Chest is a live monthly drawing with incredibly valuable rewards. Think of it as a virtual raffle!

About The Magic Chest

Do you want to try your luck and win some incredible rewards? The Magic Chest is something you're sure to love!
Simply visit the Magic Chest page and press the "Contribute" button to buy tickets. Each raffle ticket costs 50 $Coins (Game Rewards). If your ticket is the one drawn, you will win one of the incredible prizes given out that month!
New items are refreshed after each monthly drawing, ensuring a fresh selection of rewards each and every month!
Random numbers are generated on-chain via our Chainlink integration, ensuring investor transparency.

Don't Have a Real MicroPet?

Simply visit our shop on the Pets dApp to buy a real MicroPet in minutes! After your purchase, you'll link your new pet to your profile and be able to swap while also earning bonus rewards! Only MicroPet owners are able to use our shop!


You can check our official help documentation or visit our Discord or Telegram chat for assistance if you have issues.