Step 6: The Shop

With your rewards in-hand, you're able to visit our shop and take your pick of a number of items that are refreshed monthly!

About The Shop

Navigate to

Swapped your rewards and now you're ready to do some shopping? Simply place your order by clicking the "Buy" button and completing the transaction.

NOTE: Orders are reviewed and fulfilled by a MicroPets staff member for security purposes. We reserve the right to decline any orders where evidence of manipulation exists.

You can review the status of your order in the helpful table at the bottom of the page.

Items are fulfilled to your wallet via smart contract.

Don't Have a Real MicroPet?

Simply visit our shop on the Pets dApp to buy a real MicroPet in minutes! After your purchase, you'll link your new pet to your profile and be able to swap while also earning bonus rewards! Only MicroPet owners are able to use our shop!


You can check our official help documentation or visit our Discord or Telegram chat for assistance if you have issues.

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