Step 3: Link Your Pet

In order to amplify your rewards and use them in the Shop or Magic Chest, you need a real MicroPet NFT!

Navigate to

All pets you have actively staked or in your inventory are listed for you to choose from. The rarer the pet, the better rewards you will receive as a bonus!

For example, if you earned 100 coins in the Runner Game, you'd receive a bonus of 125% if you had an Ascension Flight NFT linked.

Click, "Use as Bonus" and then confirm the transaction to link your MicroPet as your bonus multiplier. After the transaction completes, you can refresh the page to confirm your pet is linked!

Want rewards? You need a real MicroPet!

If you don't have a real MicroPet, you'll still earn base rewards, but you will not be able to swap for rewards until you have a real MicroPet linked.

Visit our pets dApp here to get started:


Sold or transferred your linked pet? If you sell or transfer your linked MicroPet, you'll revert back to having a free game pet linked. You will also not be able to swap for rewards and use the shop until this issue is corrected.

You can check our official help documentation or visit our Discord or Telegram chat for assistance if you have issues.

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