Step 5: Swap Your Coins

In order to use the Shop and Magic Chest, you need to have a real MicroPet linked and then perform a swap!

Swap Your Rewards

Navigate to

Looking to claim those game rewards? Simply ensure you're connected to our dApp, enter how many rewards tokens you'd like to claim, then press "Swap".

NOTE: You will see more rewards here than you see in game if you have a MicroPet with a bonus multiplier linked. This is to ensure balance between all players.

Rewards tokens cannot be transferred and have no value outside of our ecosystem. The MicroPets team reserves the right to burn any tokens deemed acquired due to exploitation.

Don't Have a Real MicroPet?

Simply visit our dApp to buy a real MicroPet in minutes! After your purchase, you'll link your new pet to your profile and be able to swap while also earning bonus rewards!


Can't Swap? Only owners of real MicroPets can claim rewards and use them on our shop. Please ensure you have a pet linked in your profile if you cannot claim.

You can check our official help documentation or visit our Discord or Telegram chat for assistance if you have issues.

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