The unevolved staking pool rewards PETS tokens to users staking their pets, enabling them to earn PETS tokens passively. Users don’t have to worry about evolving their pets or doing anything special at all aside from acquiring a pet and staking it. Pets from any crate may enter this pool, including evolved pets.

PETS Rewards

It’s important to note the team tightly controls these rewards to ensure reduced selling pressure. There is also a 30-day lockup period that penalizes users 75% for claiming rewards early. These rewards can act as a pathway for acquiring additional pets off the marketplace or crates and boosters in the shop. Like evolution pool rewards, these rewards are also reviewed every thirty days to minimize selling pressure.

10% Claim as Credit

Users can claim PETS rewards as credit, acquiring a 10% bonus on rewards and avoiding the lockup period entirely. Once claimed as a credit, the rewards are forever locked within the MicroPets ecosystem, ensuring they’re never able to be swapped for BNB. This is a great way for users to get crates and boosters for an even lower cost while also benefiting the ecosystem.