The evolution pool rewards BNB with several mechanics that are designed to drive increased price action and long-term investor value. It’s important to note that for pets to evolve in the first place the user would have had to burn a pet of equal or higher rarity from the same crate while also waiting 14 days of incubation. Only evolved pets may enter this pool.

BNB Rewards

Every 30 days, the executive team looks at past performance of the project from both a market cap and reinvestment rate. The team leverages a high LP % alongside team wallet growth to fund these pools, allaying expensive and poorly performing marketing methods deployed by most cryptocurrency projects, such as influencers and billboards. Users can claim BNB rewards at any time without any lockup period.

Tax-Free Reinvesting

On the dApp is a button that enables users to buy PETS tokens tax free, reinvesting their BNB and creating a green wall on the pricing feed. This incentivizes reinvestment of rewards while also creating buying pressure.