Having a rock-solid and dedicated following is critical to ensuring success within any cryptocurrency project. Recognizing this early on, the MicroPets team prioritized community engagement with a very clear vision: As soon as someone enters the MicroPets ecosystem, they should feel welcomed, informed and entertained. These three components have enabled the team to grow to a nearly 20,000 member Telegram channel and 30,000 Twitter followers.


There’s only one opportunity to make a great first impression. How a new prospective investor feels when they first engage with the MicroPets brand is incredibly important to the core team.


The 30+ admin team at MicroPets supports the community in ensuring the latest information is passed downstream, creating clarity and a uniform message. Furthermore, MicroPets is known for having one of the most accessible ownership teams on BSC, enabling direct access through daily voice chats.


When the community is having a blast, they’re far more likely to return back again and again! Constantly coming up with fun ideas for the community to partake in ensures a very high level of engagement.
Last modified 8mo ago