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Since launch on October 18th, 2021, the MicroPets team boasts numerous accomplishments that set it apart from others within the space.
  • Achieved a market cap of $210MM within three weeks of launch, a 375X return
  • Over 68K holders in less than four months
  • Launched with a completely developed and functional NFT minting and staking dApp
  • Over 50K 3D NFT’s minted
  • Over 3.5K 2D NFT’s minted
  • Play To Earn (P2E) game partnership with Cubix Global for MicroPets Runner
  • Top tier animation studio partnership with Engine House to communicate Petropolis (Metaverse) vision
  • Over 9,000 Telegram members throughout global channels
  • 25,000 followers on Twitter with 1,000’s more on other social media outlets
  • Top tier marketing campaigns, billboards, social media ads and articles
  • Continuously trending on top crypto information sites
  • Built an all-star team to help with the continuous push of new heights for MicroPets
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