Your Rewards

Once your pet is staked, you start earning rewards automatically.

When Do Rewards Reset?

Rewards reset every seven days, at which point the lockup timer resets on the $PETS rewards pool and both more BNB and more $PETS tokens are replenished by the MicroPets team.

$PETS Rewards Pool

The $PETS rewards pool is for unevolved pets and earns MicroPets tokens. You can claim rewards to be used in our shop as credits or have them sent directly to your wallet.

BNB Rewards Pool

The BNB rewards pool is for evolved pets and earns BNB as a reward. Reinvesting your rewards enables a 0% buy tax, which many MicroPets investors use to buy $PETS tokens and then go bargain hunting on the marketplace.

The best way to support the project and further your position in the BNB pool is to use your rewards to acquire more pets on the marketplace.

Pets & Rewards

Click the appropriate button to view your pets and rewards for each pool.

Need Support?

Join our Telegram or Discord communities to get additional immediate support and assistance should you have any questions or check out our other support options.

Do not fall for scammers and remember that MicroPets team members will never message you first, ask for your seed phrase or private key.

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