BUY $PETS on PancakeSwap

Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap

Visit the Buy Page

If on PC go to PancakeSwap and swap your $BNB to $PETS

If using Mobile - Inside of your wallet's dApp browser, navigate to PancakeSwap

Trustwallet - Change Your Network

By default, your network may be set to Ethereum instead of Binance Smart Chain in your wallet. Changing it is as simple as clicking the icon of the network in the upper right and selecting "Binance Smart Chain".

Connect Your Wallet

Next, connect your wallet and swap your $BNB to $PETS

Need Support?

Join our Telegram or Discord communities to get additional immediate support and assistance should you have any questions or check out our other support options.

Do not fall for scammers and remember that MicroPets team members will never message you first, ask for your seed phrase or private key.

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