Stake Your Pet

Using your Petfolio, you can stake your pet in seconds and begin earning rewards right away!

Your Petfolio

Inside of your wallet's dApp browser, navigate to your Petfolio:
👉 Connect your wallet to the dApp by pressing the "Connect" button if you haven't already.
Your Petfolio is where you can stake your pets, evolve, list your pets for sale or manage your rewards.

Stake Your Pet

In the "Inventory" section of your Petfolio are your pets that are not currently staked.
To stake your pet, simply click the "Stake" button if you have an Unevolved pet or "Stake Evolution Pool" button if you have an Evolved pet.
Approve any smart contracts and follow the dialogs.

Need Support?

MicroPets team members are standing by to assist you. Use the live support chat on our website or other support options.
Do not fall for scammers and remember that MicroPets team members will never message you first, ask for your seed phrase or private key.