Now that you have BNB, you're ready to buy $PETS tokens.

Swap BNB for $PETS

Inside of your wallet's dApp browser, navigate to the buy widget page if you're not already there:
With your wallet still connected, enter the amount of BNB you'd like to swap for $PETS. Next, click the "Swap" button.
If you've already picked out your MicroPet on the marketplace, you'll know how many $PETS tokens you should buy.


While swapping, you may have some approvals to go through. These approvals are for your security and are normal parts of the process.

Need Support?

Join our Telegram or Discord communities to get additional immediate support and assistance should you have any questions or check out our other support options.
Do not fall for scammers and remember that MicroPets team members will never message you first, ask for your seed phrase or private key.