Unlike most P2E games that reward their native token, leading to excessive selling pressure, the MicroPets team does things a bit differently. An innovative storefront solution was designed to enable the creation of products that can be bought with rewards that do not lead to selling pressure on the chart. Playing with a rarer and more valuable 3D NFT linked to a user’s game profile enables even more rewards to be earned.

Minimal Transaction Fees

With Web 3.0 systems, the rewards can only be written on-chain using a transaction which also incurs a cost in BNB. Traditionally within a P2E game, this would mean a transaction would have to occur after each run to save these rewards on-chain. MicroPets Runner uses a RESTful API and database to maintain the allocated rewards.

Rewards Storage

Rewards are stored in an online database with redundancy to prevent loss of data and overcome any potential corruption. In addition, the team tightly manages the database to isolate any potential bad actors that may try and exploit the system. The benefit is the user can see their rewards live on screen within the game.


The team has undertaken numerous security measures to prevent exploitation. Although not all security measures can be disclosed for obvious reasons, they include randomization to prevent botting, encryption on all API data and obfuscation of the codebase.