Continuously acquiring new users is critical for a game to be successful. Keeping this top-of-mind, the team developed a way to drive new users into the P2E game while dramatically benefitting the overall MicroPets ecosystem. How does this work?

Online Advertising

The game is advertised to a targeted audience in the form of online ads, driving a high download rate.

Free Pet

Users are able to claim a free MicroPet, but it cannot be staked for rewards. It’s only intended purpose is to enable the user to begin earning rewards in the P2E game at a minimal rate.

Rewards Earned

Users play the game and begin accumulating rewards, potentially eyeing the numerous items available in the online game shop within the dApp.

Rewards Claimed

In order for users to actually claim rewards and use them on the shop, they must purchase either a crate to open or a pet from the marketplace.

Free to Paid Conversion

Users are converted from free to paid users and investors since the only way to buy a crate or from the marketplace is to do so using PETS tokens, creating buying pressure.
Last modified 4mo ago