MicroPets Runner is a classic side-scrolling runner where players dodge monsters and obstacles as they move faster and faster through the various maps, collecting coins along the way. One wrong move means starting all over from the beginning. However, there are several powerups that can be collected along the way or purchased in the shop within the app.
The team partnered with Cubix, an award-winning development studio with specialization in blockchain and game development.
MicroPets Runner will be available Q1 of 2022 for both Android and iOS devices.


  • Slow down time with the snail
  • Attract coins from a distance with the magnet
  • Avoid any obstacle with the shield


As of this writing, there are six unique environments for players to experience! Upon completing the last environment, a looping mechanic is enabled where users begin back at the first map, but their speed is still increasing making it even more difficult.
  • Snow
  • Desert
  • Jungle
  • City
  • Factory
  • Space
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